St Paul's shipwreck St Paul's shipwreck
Oil on canvas. 81x55cm For sale at Margaret River Gallery
Murchison Murchison
Oil on canvas 140x101cm $16,000.00
Karijini Fantasia Karijini Fantasia
Oil on canvas 148x124cm $18,000.00
Friends of St John Friends of St John
Oil on Canvas 94×149 framed $6200 AUS
Hello Gorgeous Goodbye Job Hello Gorgeous Goodbye Job
Oil on Canvas 72x118cm framed $4000 AUS
Single Glass Bowl Single Glass Bowl
Oil on Canvas 24×29 framed $980 AUS
Post Office Fremantle Post Office Fremantle
Oil on Canvas 43×25 cm framed $1269 AUS
Scruffy Bush Exmouth Scruffy Bush Exmouth
Oil on Canvas 65×118 cm framed $4550 AUS
Sun and Shade Sun and Shade
Oil on Canvas 79×74 cm framed $3500
Coondle Evening Revisited Coondle Evening Revisited
Oil on Canvas 29×22 cm framed $1260 AUS
Beach with Seaweed Beach with Seaweed
Oil on Canvas 92×139 cm framed $5500 AUS
Beach Players Beach Players
Oil on Canvas 63×54 cm unframed $2100 AUS
Street scene Street scene
Oil on Canvas 22×12 cm framed $770 AUS
Trout on dish Trout on dish
Oil on Canvas 57×78 cm unframed $1463 AUS Sold
The Great North Road The Great North Road
Oil on Canvas 91×142 cm framed $4900 AUS
The harvest The harvest
Summer's western sky Summer's western sky
Out walking Out walking
Flowering Tree Flowering Tree
Flame tree Flame tree
Evening tree Evening tree
Winter tree Winter tree
Still life with wooden bowl Still life with wooden bowl
Blue glass Blue glass
Freo 2 Freo 2
Family Family
Window shopping Window shopping
Wet shopping Wet shopping
Sunset Sunset
Jersey boats 2 Jersey boats 2
Jersey boats Jersey boats
Sea colour Sea colour
Waves on rocks Waves on rocks
Jersey north coast Jersey north coast
Jersey light Jersey light
Pilbara pool Pilbara pool
Sea and clifts 2 Sea and clifts 2
Cut Glass Cut Glass
Glass and Cloth 4 Glass and Cloth 4
Sea and Pink Dress Sea and Pink Dress
A Day at the Sea A Day at the Sea
Sand Dunes and Beach Sand Dunes and Beach
Beach Low Tide Beach Low Tide
 Off the Bus Off the Bus
Shopping 2006 Shopping 2006
Street Street
Rupert Gasped Rupert Gasped
Coondle Sunset Coondle Sunset
Storm Coming Storm Coming
Toodyay Creek Toodyay Creek
Shade Shade
Cow field Cow field
Oil on canvas 113x169cm $8000.00
Last Last
Mt Augusta Mt Augusta
Noble Falls Noble Falls
Avon Swim Avon Swim
Beyond that the Sea Beyond that the Sea
Bindi Bindi Bindi Bindi
Hillside Hillside
Alive in Perth Alive in Perth
By the Sea By the Sea
In this way In this way
Pilbara Pool Pilbara Pool
Slow Growth Slow Growth
Desert Sky Desert Sky
Coolungup Evensong Coolungup Evensong
Just Standing Here Just Standing Here
Gorge Reflections Gorge Reflections
Light and Dark Light and Dark
Song Without Words Song Without Words
The Day Resting The Day Resting
River Friends River Friends
Still Pool Still Pool
Coloured Skirt Coloured Skirt
Seaside companions Seaside companions
Good Companions 2 Good Companions 2
Long Weekend in Rockingham Long Weekend in Rockingham
Female Confab Female Confab
All Deeps All Deeps
The Watchful Gaze The Watchful Gaze
Reflective Mood Reflective Mood
Moods of the Sea Moods of the Sea
More Ancient Castle More Ancient Castle
Evening on Reef Evening on Reef
Jersey Harbour Jersey Harbour
Beach and Sky Beach and Sky
La Jeune Fille La Jeune Fille
Beach Trio Beach Trio
Windy Day Windy Day
Sun, Rain and Shops Sun, Rain and Shops
The Van The Van
Walkers Walkers
Hello Gorgeous Goodbye Job Hello Gorgeous Goodbye Job
Street Scene Strasbourg Street Scene Strasbourg
Good Company Good Company
Strasbourg Cathedral Strasbourg Cathedral
Opal Evening Fremantle Opal Evening Fremantle
Early Spring Strasbourg Early Spring Strasbourg
Lunch Lunch
River Tree Harmony River Tree Harmony
Children at the Pool Children at the Pool
Good Morning Pilbara Good Morning Pilbara
 Gorge in the Hot Sun Gorge in the Hot Sun
Mouth of the Gorge Mouth of the Gorge
 A Secret Place A Secret Place
Like an Everflowing Stream Like an Everflowing Stream
 Bushfire Bushfire
Backstreet Broome Backstreet Broome
La Tenebre La Tenebre
A Perfect End A Perfect End
Still Life With Fruit Still Life With Fruit
Glass and Cloth Glass and Cloth
Fish 4 Fish 4
Two Fish on a Plate Two Fish on a Plate
Matthew's Bowl Matthew's Bowl
 Veruschka in the Cupboard Veruschka in the Cupboard
China Still Life China Still Life
Art Collector Art Collector
Glass and cloth 2 Glass and cloth 2
Collector Glass and cloth 2
Glass Bowl 3 Glass Bowl 3
Brass Bowl Brass Bowl
Vase Vase
China 2 China 2
Glass Bowl 2 Glass Bowl 2
Decanter Decanter
Single Fish Single Fish
Four Fish on a Plate Four Fish on a Plate
Fish 6 Fish 6
Fish 7 Fish 7
Fish 8 Fish 8
Afternoon Shade Afternoon Shade
Bush Bush
Coondle Coondle
River 5 River 5
Dead Leaves Living it up in the Pilbara Dead Leaves Living it up in the Pilbara
Cows Cows
Landscape 4 Landscape 4
River 3 River 3
Gorge 1 Gorge 1
River 2 River 2
River 1 River 1
Half Asleep Half Asleep
Lawn Lawn
Lighter 2 Lighter 2
Forest in Thought Forest in Thought
North Gorge North Gorge
Pilbara Cows Pilbara Cows
Lilies of the Field Lilies of the Field
Midsummers Day Sheep Midsummers Day Sheep
Oil on canvas 121x198cm Sold $6,500
Sunset Coondle Sunset Coondle
Swimmer Swimmer
Tennis Tennis
The Glow The Glow
Cattle Pool Cattle Pool
Gone For Coffee Gone For Coffee
Now the Gentle Evening Now the Gentle Evening