Works for Sale

Please make contact re purchases to or telephone Australia 08 92725582. Payments may be made to Coondle Art Presentations BSB 016-484, Account 2000-01796.

St Paul St Paul
Price and details to come.
St Paul's shipwreck St Paul's shipwreck
Oil on canvas. 81x55cm For sale at Margaret River Gallery
Triptych Descent from the Cross Triptych Descent from the Cross
Oil on Canvas 153x110cm $16,000
Murchison Murchison
Oil on canvas 140x101cm $16,000.00
Karijini Fantasia Karijini Fantasia
Oil on canvas 148x124cm $18,000.00
The discomfort of Job. The discomfort of Job.
Oil on canvas 83x77cm $8,500.00
The visitation The visitation
Oil on canvas 95x90cm $11,000.00
Reflection of His glory. Reflection of His glory.
Oil on canvas 48x42cm $3000.00
I am the vine. I am the vine.
Oil on canvas 47x49cm $3000.00
Street Scene Strasburg Street Scene Strasburg
Oil on Canvas 47×56 cm $1820 AUS
Single Glass Bowl Single Glass Bowl
Oil on Canvas 24×29 framed $980 AUS
Post Office Fremantle Post Office Fremantle
Oil on Canvas 43×25 cm framed $1269 AUS
Scruffy Bush Exmouth Scruffy Bush Exmouth
Oil on Canvas 65×118 cm framed $4550 AUS
Sun and Shade Sun and Shade
Oil on Canvas 79×74 cm framed $3500
Coondle Evening Revisited Coondle Evening Revisited
Oil on Canvas 29×22 cm framed $1260 AUS
Beach with Seaweed Beach with Seaweed
Oil on Canvas 92×139 cm framed $5500 AUS
Beach Players Beach Players
Oil on Canvas 63×54 cm unframed $2100 AUS
You Mountains and Hills You Mountains and Hills
Oil on Canvas 78×58 cm framed $3290 AUS
Moods of the Sea Moods of the Sea
Oil on Canvas 50×87 cm framed $3000 AUS
Street scene Street scene
Oil on Canvas 22×12 cm framed $770 AUS
The Great North Road The Great North Road
Oil on Canvas 91×142 cm framed $4900 AUS
The Unfinished Painter The Unfinished Painter
Oil on Canvas 60x74cm unframed NFS
Cow field Cow field
Oil on canvas 113x169cm $8000.00
The Spoiling of Joseph The Spoiling of Joseph
Oil on Canvas 120x90cm. $15,000 AUS
Crucifixion Crucifixion
Triptych, Oil on canvas, 153x110cm $16,000.00. ($40,000.00 complete)
Resurrection Resurrection
Triptych, Oil on canvas, 153x110cm $16,000.00 ($40,000.00 complete)