High quality reproductions of Bob Booth’s original paintings are available.

    • Produced using the best quality archival canvas media
    • Very faithful colour reproduction

      Flame tree

      Flame tree

    • Stretched in a way identical to original paintings
    • Pre-mitred rolled edge stretcher bars
    • Come ready to hang
    • UV lacquered to seal and protect the image for 75-80 years
    • Can be framed but no need to frame under heavy glass
    • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth


    Canvases in stock.

    Canvas reproductions can be ordered by contacting Coondle Art at


Reproductions have a place in the art world when the original is not available for private use or when a reproduction may be used for a specific purpose, for example in the decoration of a foyers, hotel rooms or workspaces. Bob’s religious works are ideal for the augmentation of worship spaces.

Once confined to paper prints that did not do justice to the surface of the work since it had to be mounted behind glass, new technology that involves printing directly onto high quality canvas with a lacquer finish produces very faithful colour reproduction and a surface that does not have to be protected by glass. These prints are stretched in a way identical to original canvases and come ready to hang. The illustration below demonstrates how the colours of the reproduction are very similar to the original.

The other advantage of these reproductions is that they can be produced to size. For example, the original Triptych of Descent, Crucifixion and Resurrection measures  five metres in length and this can be reduced to a more manageable size for uses other than a large worship space. One could also increase the crucifixion panel and have the two others in a smaller size each side so as to help with its dimensions behind an altar.